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14 compartment pill box, twice a day

views: 192 time: 2022-03-02

A twice-a-day pill organiser. 14 compartments in 2 different colours and a day of the week chart make managing your weekly prescriptions simple. Bright colours, strong printing and customisable logo.

BPA free 7 day pill box. Our daily pill boxes are made from food-grade PP plastic and have certificates from several national testing agencies to make them safe for medical use.

Large capacity but portable pill box: each compartment can hold 8 fish oils or 10 large vitamins for daily use. Fits into your bag size for easy travel. Easy to open pill box that Easy for the elderly to open.

Upgraded printing. You don't need to worry about the print rubbing off as our pill boxes are 3D printed to ensure the label lasts a long time.

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