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Chic and simple smart pill box design

views: 213 time: 2022-02-03
We all wake up in the morning to an alarm clock shouting at us to get up, and for important things, always do a good job of reminding us of the relevant time, because in the busyness of the day will forget things. Similarly for some conditions that require frequent medication maintenance, we also design a smart pill box design with regular reminders to take medication.

The smart pill box design, the box is small in size, the box is white throughout, made up of a combination of white and blue, making the box less monotonous and overall a simple and good looking look. The box is made of environmentally friendly material and has a good structural seal for safe and reliable storage of medicines; the 9 compartments inside the box and the transparent PC material on the top lid make it easy to sort and access medicines, and there are clear icons for morning, midday and evening on the surface of the top lid, making the design very user-friendly. The design is very user-friendly. The number of times the box is opened and closed each time is recorded, a function that is relatively well recognised, so that people with a poor memory can know whether they have taken their medication by recording it and reminding you to prevent dose repetition.

Features of the smart pill box design: 1. Its exterior shape and colour matching design is simple, elegant, chic and fashionable, carrying it feels like carrying a delicate book; 2. Its small size and light weight make it easy to carry; 3. Its capacity of storing medication is larger than that of ordinary pill boxes, for my mother it can store three or four days' worth of medication. 4. It is powerful, with smart medication reminder, remote medication reminder for family members It has the functions of smart medication reminder, reminders for forgetting the pill box, repeat medication alert, automatic medication record generation, and calling the pill box by mobile phone.5. It has a smooth connection between the pill box and the APP.6. It consumes less power, saves energy and has a strong battery life.

The product design company has given the product a unique and distinctive brand image. The smart pill box is small and delicate, with a thin, flat disc design that is intuitive and simple, and a fine surface texture that gives it a simple and atmospheric aesthetic in a small home. Are you touched by this design?

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