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China Yiwu International Commodity Fair & 2021 Shenzhen CMEF Medical Equipment Fair

views: 46 time: 2021-10-29

There are more exhibitions held recently, our company participated in two exhibitions in October, China Yiwu International Commodity Fair & 2021 Shenzhen CMEF Medical Equipment Fair.

2021 Shenzhen CMEF Medical Equipment Fair: October 13, 2021 - October 16, 2021

This is the second time to participate in this exhibition after CMEF Shanghai in May. This time, the exhibition mainly focuses on pill boxes, displaying the pill box styles that sell well in foreign markets, as well as a variety of new pill boxes designed and developed by our company. The buyers were mainly pharmacies and medical devices, which were more targeted, and some of them were more familiar with the pill box products, and the overall professionalism was high. Seeing the novel design of the pill box, they were able to arouse the interest of most of them and were willing to introduce their own sales field. The overall effect is good, and the sales situation of the domestic-oriented pill boxes should also improve to a certain extent. A new product was also added this time - a hanging neck air purifier. It is relatively new to most of the guests. Through the video of comparison test at the exhibition and our explanation of its principle, there are still some guests who are willing to try it and look forward to the follow-up progress.

China Yiwu International Commodity Fair: October 21-25

Our company participated in the Fair for the first time. This exhibition is an international exhibition of consumer goods for daily use, jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and the People's Government of Zhejiang Province. Unlike other exhibitions during the epidemic, the overall flow of people during this exhibition was not high, but there were more foreign investors based in Yiwu. Buyers generally know little about the pillboxes, which are mainly used for various daily necessities. And they are more sensitive to the price, and the psychological price is very low. Putting aside the product quality, we really have no advantage in price, which is suitable for exhibitors buyers targeting the low-price market.

We hope our company can promote our new design well through these two exhibitions and expand the domestic pill box market to a certain extent.

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