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Do portable air purifiers really work?

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Air pollution has always been a major concern and scientists have been working on creating a healthy breathing environment, so indoor air purifiers were created. However, indoor air purifiers are large and not portable, and as people cannot just stay indoors and not go out and about, large air purifiers are not portable. Many people, especially in Kyoto, wear masks when they go out, but not everyone likes or is comfortable wearing a mask, so a portable air purifier product can replace or even outperform a mask. A portable air purifier that can be taken anywhere, anytime to clean the air close to you, whether you are on the road, on the underground, in a bus, in a car, at the gym or at home without an air purifier, this air purifier is a good choice for you. But this small air purifier purification area is small, can only purify the air around your head, but its cheap, easy to carry, I think there is still a great available, here to introduce you to a few good portable air purifier, wear in the body is also very fashionable Oh.

MEMOSAN portable air purifier using the United States advanced ionization technology, easy to use, just flick the switch, negative ions will be constantly emitted from the negative ion generation cluster, thus creating a healthy air clean zone. It removes atomic-sized pollutants from the air and generates 4 million negative ions per cubic centimetre. The Amos Portable Air Purifier is compact, about the size of a cigarette lighter, making it easy for users to take on the go and is the smallest air purifier available. The purifier comes with a catch on the back and can be clipped to shirts and pockets or fixed to a centre console in a car or office workstation for small area air purification. Another way to carry it is to use the lanyard included in the package and hang it directly around your neck as a decorative accessory so that you can carry it with you all the time and still look stylish and beautiful. The high concentration of negative ions allows for the rapid deposition of PM2.5 particles and improves blood circulation in the body. The negatively charged particles in the air increase the oxygen content in the blood, which is conducive to blood oxygen transport, absorption and utilisation, and has the effect of promoting human metabolism, improving human immunity, enhancing human muscle energy and regulating the balance of muscle function. 

The MEMOSAN air purifier includes pink, blue, black and white, so even the most discerning user can easily find a colour that suits them. The rounded lines of the design are not only easy to hold in the hand but also add to the aesthetic appeal. The MEMOSAN air purifier has a range of approximately 80 metres and emits a high concentration of Plasmacluster, which not only purifies the air but also hydrates the skin, making it particularly suitable for office workers who work on the computer every day and who want to look good at the same time. The small internal rechargeable battery makes it particularly easy to carry around, as it weighs only about 110 grams. It can also be charged using the USB port, making it easy and convenient. The compact size of the unit is the best thing about it, as it can be used in a wide range of applications without having to be placed around the head.

This product is made in China and has a purifying effect on germs, pollen, skin and odour. It is effective in suppressing viruses by releasing ions that catch germs and other substances and then killing them with ozone. Ozone can be used to decompose the source of bad odours known as VOC's and remove diffuse odours, not only sweat and body odours but also smoke, kitchen waste and pet odours.

Other parameters
Product name: MEMOSAN Portable Anion Air Purifier
Size: 40*21*85 MM
Weight: approx. 52g
Ozone concentration: max. 0.03ppm
Ion generation: max. 30 million ions/cm*
Power supply: Internal battery/USB power supply
Continuous working time: approx. 48 hours
Charging time: approx. 3 hours
Recommended application range: approx. 30cm

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