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Do you know what a smart pillbox is?

views: 208 time: 2022-02-04
To talk about intelligent products, I believe we will coincidentally think of smart phones, smart TVs and other household appliances, but have you heard of intelligent pill boxes? Nowadays, we are all very busy at work, so we always forget to take our medication, and the emergence of smart pill boxes can remind us of this, which has a significant impact on our recovery and physical rehabilitation. Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, new smart products have come to our attention and smart pill boxes may bring some new changes to our lives.

The principle of the smart pill box
The smart pill box is based on a smartphone app that monitors the time of taking medication in real time and synchronises medication data to automatically generate a health management file for taking medication. The product is smart, simple and practical, regulating the time and frequency of medication and helping the elderly to develop good medication taking habits.
The pill box consists of an app that can be installed on Apple devices equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and an electronic pill box that can be connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth. This allows for a real-time connection between the mobile phone and the pill box, allowing the patient or the patient's family to be promptly reminded or intelligently reminded to take their medication.

The role of smart pill boxes
Smart pill boxes do provide a lot of convenience in our lives. Older people have a weak memory and often forget to take their medication. Young people often forget to take their medication when they are faced with a busy work schedule, thus delaying their condition. With a smart pill box, all we need to do is set the time and the box will sound when it's time. This will remind the patient to take their medication.

Features of the smart pill box
The controller connects to your mobile phone via your home Wi-Fi network and sends you an audio and message reminder when it's time to take your medication. After taking your medication, the user scans the labeled pill box, or a small pill bottle from the system's own box, onto the controller's scanning pad and the system records the medication you took today.
The user can track the daily progress of their own and their family's medication on the mobile app. With the app, the younger generation does not have to ask their parents "did you take your medication today" every day. -Once the controller has been set up and the app/web account has been registered, the app can send reminders to the user after each pill has been scanned. In addition, the app can be used to help you schedule your daily medication and to sort your medication.
The smart pill has five facets: feel very good, feel good, feel - average, feel bad and feel very bad. These five emotions can be used to record your body's reaction after each dose, and these records can help doctors to tailor the list of medicines to the patient's reaction to them.

Limitations of the development of smart pill boxes
With the pace of modern life, people are often so busy with work and life that they neglect their health issues, especially the 'taking your medication on time' aspect, which has to some extent contributed to the creation of smart pill boxes.
There are many more things that a smart pillbox can do, but so far, very few of them have been able to do so, both because of the limitations of the technology and because of their own limitations. As a pillbox, you can't access the user's body indicators, you can't give targeted medication reminders, and you can't accurately monitor the user's actual medication use.

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