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Is a smart pill box necessary for people who take medication for a long time?

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Health is everyone's pursuit, but no one is immune to the need for injections and medication. Especially when people get older, they almost always suffer from more or less chronic diseases, such as hypertension and coronary heart disease, which require long-term medication, but the elderly are often prone to forgetfulness, which can lead to forgetting to take medication or taking the wrong medication, sometimes with serious consequences. At the same time, health medicines and vitamins appear in our daily list, but there is no guarantee that we will stick to them or take them on time. At this point, we need to consider whether a smart pill box with reminder function and portable carry-on can solve this problem.

I. Use scenarios (why buy a smart pill box)

1. For some middle-aged and elderly people, chronic diseases such as hypertension and coronary heart disease require long-term medication, which will be taken for the rest of their lives. At the same time, they need to take their medication scientifically and regularly, and it is best to do so without leaving their bodies. Older people are forgetful and often forget to take their medication when things get busy, which is a high risk. In particular, sudden onset angina brought on by coronary heart disease must be relieved by taking quick-acting heart pills in time.

2. Young people who take their medication: when going to work, on business trips or when travelling, it is inconvenient to take too many bottles, jars and tin plates packed with medication on the one hand, and it is easy to expose some hidden illnesses and privacy that you do not want others to know about in a social environment with acquaintances on the other. This is where a small, all-in-one pill box can help to avoid this embarrassment. I can't find the little blue pill anywhere

3. Of course, we can bring our own locket to dispense the medication, but we must ensure that it is moisture-proof and that it reacts to the smell.
So, what we need is a healthy pill box that is portable, moisture-proof, sorted and has a reminder function.

II. Classification of pill boxes (how to choose a smart pill box)
Choose the right pill box from three focuses
1. To meet the most basic purpose: a simple pill box with easy portability and sorted storage is cost-effective and suitable for young people or for short-term medication. The key points in choosing a box like this
①Materials that are environmentally safe and safe to use.

②Small size, light weight, easy to carry.

③Good sealing, moisture-proof; with separate compartments, the number of compartments chosen according to the type and number of medications taken. The box should preferably be opaque (many medicines cannot be exposed to light).
2、Portable pill box with a reminder function

Small and convenient, can be carried around with you and remind you to take your medication on time, suitable for business trips
This smart pill box from Xiaomi is more like a charging bin, more intelligent and suitable for young people who know how to play.
You can scan the code on the box to add it to your medication record and set up a dosage schedule on your phone, as well as seeing the instructions for the relevant medication. The four individual pill boxes can be set up individually and each compartment has a separate indicator light, which light is on to indicate which one to take instead. The inner medicine compartment also has a separate inner lid, which provides double protection against crosstalk reactions.
If you use it for your parents, you need to set it up yourself in advance and synchronize the taking records to your own mobile phone, so that Fangen can track the medication taken by your parents in order to communicate and remind them in time.

3. Large-capacity home smart pill box
Large capacity, a week or a month's worth of medication can be put in at a time, and reminded to take medication on time, suitable for older, middle-aged and elderly people whose children are not often at home, the key points to choose.
①Simple operation, quick to learn.

② Large capacity and clear partitioning.

③Intelligent reminder with medication dosage control.

④Reminder method should be obvious: that is, the reminder should be loud and the light should be obvious.
It is best to have a remote monitoring function to transmit medication records in time, so that children can understand the progress of medication, whether they take it on time and what they have taken, and send timely care and reminders through the cloud or satellite. These are relatively large in size and less convenient to carry around, and are suitable for long-term home use by middle-aged and elderly people.

III. Summary
Choose the right health pill box according to your needs, taking into account price, practicality, etc. If you want to use it for yourself or for a short period of time, you can buy a simple pill box and take it with you when you need it, and put it away when you don't need it. If you often forget to take your medication, or if you want to experience intelligence, you can choose the Xiaomi model to assist you. For parents, it is recommended to choose one with a reminder function and a large enough capacity to hold a week's worth of medication at once. If there are many different types of medication and it is difficult for your elders to keep track of them, you will need to allocate the compartments in advance and set up a dosage schedule so that they can take their medication according to the reminders to avoid missing out on the wrong dosage. If the cost is sufficient, it is advisable to choose one with a monitoring function, so that you can check the dosage report and follow up on the reminders in time to make up for the lack of companionship. Care for the elderly should not only be material, but also emotional communication, so that the elderly can feel cared for by taking their medication and body condition.

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