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Why More and More Young People Prefer To Use Medicine Boxes

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As children, we often depend on our parents for guidance when it comes to complying with our prescribed medicines and other health concerns. Aside from being allowed to talk to a trusted pediatrician or doctor, one way young people could assert independence is to be allowed to organize their medicines.

In a time when you can access terabytes of information with a few clicks of a button, it is the perfect opportunity for young people to learn to become discerning medical consumers. This could be the perfect time to encourage them to schedule their doctors’ visits and to freely ask questions about their health that they do not understand. Every patient, regardless of age, is entitled to clear explanations of their condition and the recommended treatment plan.


Speaking of independence, one way for young people to exercise the same is to organize their prescribed medicines. As a parent, one can post the dosage on a conspicuous area, such as a refrigerator or a board in your home, and then leave the organizing to your children. Your children can just tick the box once the dosage has been consumed. In the same vein, young people also use medicine boxes as another way to organize their medications. With medicine boxes, they can conveniently store their oral medications according to the day of the week with some boxes allowing them to store drugs intended for morning, noon, and night separately.

Organizing medications when you are young may sound like a hassle, but just like getting to school on time and knowing when to go to your next class, you can also get used to creating a routine for organizing your medications.


They say habit formation takes just around 26 days on average. Thus, when you get used to doing something, then you establish a routine that can help you stay on track. With pillboxes, young people can easily get into the habit of taking their medication when they first wake up, or at mealtime or bedtime.

If you’re into handicrafts or DIYs, creating something that resembles a visual schedule that you can hang up on your wall is also something worthwhile to do!  If you’re not fond of DIYs then no worries, you can set alarms on your cell phone to remind you when to take your medication.


When we’re young, it is easy to get lost and forget about our prescribed medications due to the sheer volume of distractions around us. We have our work, our social circle, and everything else that is competing for our attention making us forget about crucial things.

That’s why pillbox usage among young people is becoming more and more widespread because of practical reasons (as stated above). It is not just a convenient way to keep track of your medications but is a good exercise for your organizational skills and a great way to assert your independence.

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