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Why do people use pillboxes? What are the benefits of using a pillbox? What we need to be aware of when using a pill box.

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Have you ever struggled to take your daily medication on time? As we get older, we inevitably develop various minor health problems that require medication. According to the survey, about 39% of respondents said that they forget to take their medication 1-2 days a week. Some respondents also said that they have to spend a lot of time looking at the doctor's prescription to determine the amount of medication to take because of the multiple medications they take.

A pill box is essentially a tool that can help with memory and can keep all your medications organised. Using a pill box, in theory, makes it easier to remember to take your medication on time by adding it to the box according to when it was taken in quantity.

There are two types of pill boxes on the market today: regular pill boxes and electronic pill boxes.
Non-electronic cartridges are cheaper and you can choose from a range of prices depending on the dosage of your medication, usually between US$5-15.

Electronic cartridges are more expensive, but they have a very powerful reminder function. They have a timed alarm reminder that will sound at a set time to remind you to take your medication. Some electronic pill boxes can be connected to your mobile phone and send you a message to remind you to take your medication on time, which is very good for patients with poor memory. This of course makes the electronic pillboxes much more expensive at around $30-$100.

Of course, while using a pill box provides convenience, it is also important to avoid the bad effects that pill boxes can have on us.
1. First of all, the cartridge must be rinsed out before use, as the residue in the cartridge may react with the new medication and cause undesirable effects.
2. Keep the box out of the sun and keep it in a cool, ventilated place so that it does not expire due to direct sunlight.
3. be careful not to place the box in a humid environment such as a kitchen or shower room, as the box is not well sealed and humidity can cause the medicine to deteriorate.
4. Note that the medication should be used as soon as possible after it is placed in the box and should not be left for long periods of time. After using the box, it should be cleaned and dried for the next use.
5. Extra care should be taken when placing medication, as misplacing the previous day's dose will inevitably lead to errors in subsequent doses and affect recovery.

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