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You think storing your medication in a plastic pill box is the end of the story?

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Some older people often forget to take their medication. Nowadays, a small plastic pill box is popular, designed with several compartments and each compartment is marked with the time (e.g. Monday to Sunday), so that the person taking the medication can store the dosage in the corresponding compartment.

However, you should be careful when using such plastic pill boxes. Not all medicines can be contained in plastic products such as plastic bottles and bags.

Some medicines are not suitable to be put in plastic boxes as they are prone to chemical reactions when in contact with plastic, leading to the failure of medicines such as insulin, valium, nitroglycerin, acetate and warfarin sodium.

In addition, plastic boxes are poorly shielded from light and do not provide the appropriate protection for medicines, such as epinephrine, vitamin A, vitamin D and hydrogen peroxide, which are easily decomposed by light.

The original packaging of the medicines are all qualified packaging that has been tested on the medicines, which are better protected and will not be affected by changes in the external environment such as humidity, light and temperature.

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