There was a new supplement brand offering a Lot of discount items as they rolled out product over this last year. Iended up with a dozen items but i seldom take any because i forget. I was hunting for a larger weekly supplementscheduler and this is The Largeat I have ever seen! So out of curiosity i kept packing it full and each day holds TWENTY assorted sizes of pills (i added CLA oil capsules- the font ones, ล few in each day So not just tiny 20 pillsbut full sized ones!) see pic to see how big they are compared to my hand. If you are serious about looking for a Ischeduler that can handle ALL your supplements, look no further han This!


Pros: Perfect for organizing my (many) supplements, good value Cons: Sometimes lid is not closed completely, even after I thought I snapped it shut, not good for travel 1 supplement my diet with vitamins and minerals, totaling 11 tablets a day. I like to spread them out over thecourse of 3 meals; however, I sometimes forget to take them all or sometimes miss a day. I purchased this pillorganizer to help me track my supplement intake. It works well. With 11 pills, I still have room left in each compartment. I have noticed that the lid was not completely closed on a few occasions. I usually double-check the lids after fllingthe organizer So it hasn't been a huge problem for me. Update: I traveled and put this in my suitcase, in a side pocket that had room to spare. One compartment opened during transit, even though I made sure all lids wereshut completely. I don't travel much, so this does not affect my overall review.

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I bought two of these pill organizers about five months ago, So I feel like I have used them long enough to comment. I bought two so that I only have to load them up every two weeks. I like having the individual days stored separately in the stack. If I go out of town, I can only pack however many days I will need. The sliding coverstays in place until I need to remove it. Some other pill organizers use a snap-on lid with a thin plastic hinge thatwill break in time. Unless I get real clumsy, I expect this to last a long time. Nice design. I don't understand why the photos show the organizer upside-down with the daily trays loaded in the wrong order.It could never work that way, but most people can figure out that the broad side of the clear holder is the base andthat trays will push out from the bottom while empty trays are inserted at the top. Duh. One person found this helpful .

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