Ningbo High-Tech Bluesky Manufactory & Trading Co., Ltd. 


Base in Ningbo, Bluesky memorable history started in 2009 from a simple but enlightening.
realization: Health is the key to Happiness.we invested all our attention and resources on developing something that would help everyone stay healthier, happier, and even save people’s lives.

From that decision our first series of Pill Boxes was born, and it rapidly expanded to include.
all kinds of Health and Lifestyle Product , included pill organizers, pill cutters , stickers , grabber, travel bag set,grinders etc.
Years of further investments in R&D and design improvement, product and processes optimization led to the creation of Bluesky current international team and facilities,
offering a vast and solid experience to cover any kind of customer requirements and budgets,
from direct users to offline and online retailers and wholesalers across the globe, all looking for an unforgettable customer experience.

As a multi-specialty trading company We are always devote to and provide complete product solutions and trend product to our client all over the world.

Their satisfaction has now turned into their healthy, and their happiness.

The Development Process of BLUESKY

  1. At the end of May 2009, Ningbo High-Tech Bluesky Manufactory and Trading Co.,Ltd (Ningbo High-Tech Bluesky Manufactory and Trading Co.,Ltd) was established, which is mainly engaged in the export of grocery products.
  2. Since 2014, he has broken through the bottleneck of trading companies to set up factories so that his tireless spirit is deeply rooted in his own industry, dares to innovate, strives to practice and applies for all kinds of patents and trademarks. Lead your trading company to a successful transformation.
  3. In 2018, the public welfare foreign trade organization of Dayao Jiujian based on altruism. Establish a corporate vision to make Ningbo High-Tech Bluesky Manufactory and Trading Co.,Ltd people happier and happier! Every excellent employee can be the master of Ningbo High-Tech Bluesky Manufactory and Trading Co.,Ltd!
  4. In 2020, the birth of the MEMOSAN brand: YOUR HAPPINESS REMINDER– is committed to the development and dissemination of health commodities and become the health housekeeper around customers.
  5. In 2022, Yilu incense partner will be established as a production center integrating packaging, inspection, warehousing and logistics.